I blame the kitchen

- 19 Sep 2007

The more observant viewer will notice that the last news update was back in 2006 and one could suspect that I have become sloth-like in my photography. Now there is a couple of reasons for this. Firstly my content management system for the website broke, so I couldn't upload anything, and secondly I've spent the last six months installing a kitchen.

But I'm getting back in the groove again and looking forward to late rises in Winter! There's quite a few new shots uploaded from a recent trip to Düsseldorf, so enjoy.

latest photos section

- 11 Nov 2006

Having quite a few new photos to display I have added a 'latest shots' category that show all the photos from newest to oldest so you no longer need to look through different sections. I have also invested 14 quid in a new camera and have been having much fun with that. Check out my 'not very serious' site holgapolga to see why I've been smiling every time I press the shutter button. Ca-lick!

its about time

- 25 Sep 2005

The "sunrise and sunset times" calculator has now been fixed. A bug preventing you from changing the date once you clicked calculate has now been removed.

In addition, a moon phase icon has been added to the bottom of the page showing you the "shape" of the moon on the same day, for all you budding night photographers out there.

Spam alert

- 12 Sep 2005

It has recently come to my attention that my 'contact us' form is being used by hackers to send spam email to a variety of AOL addresses. By using special characters these hackers can use the form to send junk email to whoever they like. I have now fixed the form to reject these forms of attacks. If you have received spam email claiming to come from Originallight, please accept my apologies.

digital dilemma

- 11 Jul 2005

A large selection of new images have been uploaded to the abstract section, all taken digitally. Convenience over quality. You be the judge.

summertime blues

- 09 Oct 2004

Most of my photography idols use large format equipment for the quality and control it affords them.  I have taken the plunge and followed their footsteps into the daunting world of large format (for those who don't know what this is, I describe it a little in the full story) - so was it a good idea?

new name, more of the same?

- 28 Sep 2004 becomes but is it just skin deep? becomes but is it just skin deep?

the long summer

- 19 Jul 2004

Another batch of pictures - a few of which I had attempted about a year ago, but which have taken until now to truly capture.

the joys of spring

- 19 Jul 2004

Believe it or not, I've been busier than ever - I'm being much choosier with what I put on the website.  The landscape section is now packed - guess that's where my skills lie then.

long live film

- 19 Jul 2004

Another 8 images uploaded showing a few of the pictures I shot for my photography evening class.  A great evening was had by all.

october slide show

- 09 Nov 2002

Another 8 images uploaded showing a few of the pictures I shot for my photography evening class.  A great evening was had by all.


- 31 Oct 2002

At least to the 3d section and any legal issues.  Hello to a links section instead.

red or white?

- 30 Oct 2002

Sit back and relax with your glass of vino and enjoy the launch party of terrapod.  Anyone for a top up?